About the Doctor

Keith Darensbourg, DD, DM is a native-born Louisiana Creole and professional spiritual worker and advisor specializing in the African-American spiritual traditions of Hoodoo and the Afro-Creole tradition of Louisiana Voodoo.

“Dr. D”, as he is affectionately known, has been working roots for two decades. He officially began serving others in a professional capacity in 2014 when Conjure Créole was created. Since that time, he has proudly served over hundreds of clients, both locally and abroad, in matters of love, luck, and prosperity to success, healing, and spirituality.

Keith Darensbourg has obtained a doctorate of Divinity and Metaphysics honoris causa from the Universal Life Church Monastery and is a certified member of the American Tarot Association. He has a certification in Prediction from Harvard University and is also a graduate of the Hoodoo-Rootwork Correspondence course offered by, arguably, the biggest name in Hoodoo/Rootwork supplies and educational publications: The Lucky Mojo Curio Co., owned and operated by author, editor, publisher, and magico-spiritual religious expert and enthusiast, Catherine Yronwode.

In addition to his many years of providing clients with quality and authentic psychic readings, rituals, and spirit work, he also a passionate Creole cultural activist who works diligently to preserve the culture of Louisiana, its diasporic communities, and their three latin-based heritage languages of Louisiana: Louisiana French, Louisiana Spanish, and Louisiana Creole or Kouri-Vini.

Dr. Darensbourg performing readings

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