Got Questions?

Here are a few frequently asked questions on the services we provide.

What is a “Candle Ministry” and why should I use one?

Rootworkers and conjurers will often offer to set lights in one of their dedicated spaces on your behalf. This service is known as a Candle Ministry.

The main reason people use this service is for convenience. If you are unable burn candles safely or privately at home you may consider using a candle ministry.

At Conjure Créole, we offer condition candles for virtually any need or desire our customers may have. All candles are blessed and dressed in the same manner as described above. They are then placed on an altar along with their name papers/petitions and prayed over every day until they extinguish themselves. At the end of each burn you will receive a burn report which is a detailed description in writing and picture of any divinatory signs or omens left after your candle has extinguished itself.

What is "Setting Lights"?

Setting lights is a spiritual staple that has been used in many systems of magic and religious denominations throughout the centuries and it is just as common today.

This traditional and simple practice uses the power of candles to manifest your goals or turn your “condition” or situation towards a positive outcome in your favor.

This is acheived by first selecting a candle of a color and/or condition name appropriate to the desired purpose or outcome. They are then “fixed” or “dressed” which means to spiritually prepare them with oils, herbs, and other curios such as minerals and even beautifying items such as glitter also of an appropriate color to further strengthen the vibratory influence of the candle.
Finally, the candles are placed on a dedicated altar along with a name-paper or a petition, the latter of which is a written request, prayer, command, or affirmation concisely detailing the desired result.

While quick and easy to perform, setting lights is a very powerful and effective way to bring about change for the conjurer. He or she may wish to bring about good fortune or favor in a particular situation or add spiritual power and backing to a spell that they have cast.

Setting lights is also a good way to apply constant magical pressure to a situation to ensure that spiritual energy remains consistent and strong in your endeavour while you are not able to work on it hands on.

They are usually burned in what is known as “runs”. One run of a candle is simply one candle burned one time. Three runs of a candle is three candles of the exact kind burned one at a time. After the first one has gone out, the previous one will be lit and so on. It is standard practice for rootworkers to burn until a predetermined number of runs has been completed or until the desired result has been achieved.

Just as common as runs are what we here at ConjureCréole call, “Cocktail Treatments”. Burning “cocktails” is appropriate when there are either two or more unrelated desires or when one goal is manifold. For example, a man desires to have his lady back after a bad breakup and she has since moved away. A cocktail treatment in this scenario would be ideal. He may wish to burn a “Return To Me” to get the lady to come back to the city or town, maybe even the home, where he is. In conjunction with this he may need to burn a “Reconciliation” to foster forgiveness for any wrongs he may have committed against her, and finally a “Love Me” candle to restore the loving connection that once shared that may have been severed. These three candles would be burned together as a cocktail treatment for one issue and they, in turn, may be burned in runs as well.

What is Hoodoo?

Hoodoo, also known as Conjure, Laying Tricks, and Rootwork, is an American Folk-Magic system which finds its roots (pun intended) in the deep south as a result of African slaves contact with Native-American tribes and European slavers. It combines ancient African practices and beliefs of spirituality and natural magic via the power of plant life and minerals with the wisdom of American-Indians’ vast knowledge of local botany and herbology. It also incorporates European folk-magic to a great degree and at the core of its spiritual foundation is a non severable connection with Christianity, both Catholic and Protestant depending upon the region where it is practiced, with influences from Judaism.

Hoodoo is a tradition that is practiced originally and predominantly by African-Americans and Louisiana Creoles and their diaspora but has also extended to members of other cultural/ethnic groups who have been in close contact with Creoles and African-Americans.

Its primary purpose is to enhance the life of the practitioner, or for one the practitioner is hired to work for, by improving one’s experience in matters of love, career, finances, health, and spirituality. It is just as commonly used to seek revenge on those who have harmed us or our loved ones, reverse evil influences and negativity sent our way, and even to wreak pure havoc on people who may or may not have done anything to deserve it.

Creole Conjure is practiced in Louisiana and is heavily influenced by Louisiana’s Francophone and Creolephone (French-speaking and Creole-speaking) Latin population, thus it is centers heavily on Catholic and Folk-Catholic customs and traditions such as utilization of Catholic prayers, the saints, angels, and rites recited in either French, Kourivini (Louisiana Creole) or even Spanish.

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