Candle Ministry

How it Works


Step 1: Choose Your Condition

Go to the category that best fits your situation. If you need to win in a case in court, go to "Law & Order". Job  promotion, "Success & Empowerment"

Step 2: Choose Your Candle

Click on the candle image that best suits your needs.

Step 3: Type

The type indicates whether you want a single light setting or a cocktail. Choose the correct type

Step 4: No. of Runs

Choose the number of runs you'd like for the type that you've selected above.

Step 5: Petition

Write out your petition. This is a short, yet detailed, earnest command, affirmation, or prayer that expresses your desire. If you have chosen a cocktail treatment for your type, please indicate the additional candles to be lit in this section as well.

Things To Note:

When choosing the cocktail option, the candle you are purchasing will serve as your primary candle. Please list the subsequent candles in the petition text box

If you intend to have us set lights for two unrelated conditions, (For example, you want to reconcile with your ex and you also want to get a new job) you may not choose a cocktail treatment. You must purchase an appropriate candle for different conditions separately. A petition is required for every light setting and your petition for a cocktail must be the same for all lights chosen in the cocktail.

Purchasing cocktails saves money! When choosing cocktail treatments you’ll pay full price for the first candle and a discounted rate for each subsequent candle. The more you include in your cocktail, the cheaper they get!