Readings & Consultations

Divination Services

Divinatory readings are essential to the Rootworker & those seeking spiritual guidance alike.

 EXPRESS READINGS: These readings are performed via e-mail only and are limited to one question per reading. (Exception: 2 to 3 card draws can be used to ask multiple questions however each card drawn will represent one question)

TIMED READINGS: These readings are performed either in-person or via telephone/video call. The options are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour.

ROOTWORK CONSULTATIONAre you considering having a spell or rootwork done? Make your timed reading Rootwork Consultation!

Rootwork Consultations are used to determine

  • If the situation is a magical or spiritual condition or magically influenced.
  • If the condition warrants magical attention.
  • What magical spells, rituals, charms, etc. should be prescribed to treat the condition.

 All rootwork consultations include a full detailed report of the consultation, practical and magical advice, as well as a quote for any rootwork I would be employed to do. A consult adds $10.00 to the regular price of the timed reading you choose and an additional 10 minutes. Just click on "Add a Consultation" before checking out.