Rootwork & Spells

Rootwork is one of a few common names given to the form of folk-magic or spell work practiced by African Amercians and Louisiana Creoles in the United States.

Rootwork helps to enhance the life of the practitioner, or the ones whom the practitioner works on behalf of, in the areas of love, money, career, success and so much more by utilizing the power of plant-life and curios, willpower and intention, and the influence of the spirit realm and almighty God.

Spell work in Hoodoo can be as simple as lighting a candle dressed with oils and herbs or throwing down powders in the path of an intended target, to as complex as slitting a cow's tongue down the middle and placing predetermined items inside of it, sewing it up afterwards and burying it in a graveyard to keep someone from running their mouth.

By using this unique form of magic, we see some of our hearts fondest desires manifested.

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Other Rootwork & Spells

I offer plenty of other spells and rituals such as graveyard work, box spells, and cow tongue spells to discourage gossip and trial testimonies, and more; however these are not things that I can offer for a flat rate. Necessity and prices can only be determined after a Full Reading + Rootwork consultation. Only then will I be able to work up a quote for these types of options. I can tell you that prices will vary between $200 - $1000.00